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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Study Shows Relationship Between Periodontal Disease in Men and Cancer

When there’s a series of recurring cases that are just too similar to ignore, it usually leads great minds to come together and resolve issues otherwise overlooked. A group of professionals came together after realizing just how transparent the relationship … Continue reading

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Activated Charcoal – A Holistic Approach to Teeth Whitening

Charcoal you say? Why would I ever want to put charcoal into my mouth…? Its black, how CAN it whiten? Your hollywood dentist explains how a holistic home remedy involving the use of activated charcoal to whiten your teeth may … Continue reading

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How Many Americans ACTUALLY Floss?

Life can move quickly and for many Americans flossing isn’t necessarily a top of the line priority, even if it should be. According to a recent study led by Duong T. Nguyen, it is scientifically possible to categorize Americans into … Continue reading

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