Dr. Sally Uses The Highest Quality Dental Implants by Nobel Biocare

Dental Implants are tooth like structures placed into your jaw bone to replicate missing roots, and crowns are placed on top to mimic the missing tooth. They are a long term option that can last a lifetime with good oral hygiene. This procedure can often be accomplished in one to two simple surgical procedures.

Dr. Sally values quality over quantity, which is why she has selected to use the highest quality dental implants currently offered on the market. The implants are carefully designed and engineered by Nobel Biocare®, the market leader in restorative components for dentistry.

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The Nobel Biocare® Difference

  • Back-tapered coronal design provides high primary stability for long-lasting results.
  • Built-in platform shifting maximizes alveolar bone and soft tissue volume.
  • Sharp apex allows Dr. Sally to adjust your implant to optimal restorative orientation and aesthetics.

Mini implants are also a good option for patients with complete dentures. They can be placed to allow better retention of the denture in patients where the bone level is not adequate for stability.