People with good general health can lose a tooth due to physical trauma, periodontal disease, severe decay, or another infection. If you’re looking to replace your missing tooth or teeth, then Dr. Sally Kashani may recommend dental implants as the safest, long-term solution for you.

A dental implant refers to an artificial tooth that is surgically inserted into the jaw, where it bonds with the underlying bone tissue to provide strong support for the replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants offer many benefits, including a natural look and feel, since they function exactly like your natural teeth.

Unlike dental bridges, implants don’t rely on adjacent healthy teeth for support, which helps to ensure that the health of your teeth remains intact. However, some patients may require bone grafting for the dental implant to function properly.

Who Needs Bone Grafting?

The typical procedure for placing a dental implants involves tooth extraction, preparation of the jawbone for surgery, followed by placement of the implant. But if the bone tissue is not sufficient to support the implant, bone grafting may be necessary to replace and regenerate the lost bone. This can also help to restore proper facial structure.

Bone loss usually occurs when the bone tissue around the jaw begins to deteriorate following the loss of a tooth through injury, rot and decay, or trauma. By restoring the lost bone, grafting helps to create a solid and sturdy base for the implant and tooth replacement.

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What to Expect

If Dr. Kashani determines that you need bone grafting, she will obtain some bone tissue from a cadaver or animal source and transplant it into the jawbone to encourage the growth of new bone tissue. Traditionally, dentists removed the bone tissue from another part of the patient’s body, but cadavers work just as well, and patients don’t have to endure two surgical sites.

The jawbone will take several months to generate sufficient bone tissue for the implant procedure to proceed. But once it has healed, Dr. Kashani will place a titanium dental implant post into the jawbone, and leave it there for several months to heal.

Afterwards, your replacement tooth (abutment) will be attached to the implant post, completing the dental implant procedure.

Bone Grafting for Dental Implants in Hollywood

Dental implants have a very high success rate, over 95%, even when bone grafting is involved. To find out more about the procedure, please call (818) 508–7272 or schedule a consultation online with Dr. Sally Kashani in Hollywood today.

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