Is Invisalign Treatment Right for Me? | Hollywood CA

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Is Invisalign Treatment Right for Me? | Hollywood CA

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When it comes to straightening your teeth, finding the best solution to enhance your smile is essential.  Fortunately, Invisalign treatment offers you the opportunity to straighten your smile without anyone noticing.

Advantages of Invisalign Treatment

For most patients, clear, comfortable, and removable teeth straightening treatment is the best solution for enhancing your smile. Moving your teeth with Invisalign serves several purposes: to improve your smile, fix bite problems so you don’t wear your teeth, and give you better access to cleaning crowded teeth. Therefore making your gums healthier. So remember, it’s not always for beauty that dentists want you to have straight teeth. Malocclusion is a dental disease, and straightening your teeth resolves that problem. Having a beautiful smile is an added BONUS!

A lot of times Invisalign treatment is shorter than traditional braces, and it places less pressure on the roots of your teeth. It is gentle, yet powerful! There are several options available today for straightening your teeth, but none are as convenient and undetectable as Invisalign. In addition, Invisalign offers:

  • Are clear and virtually invisible
  • Are smooth and comfortable
  • Can be easily removed and cleaned
  • Allow you to brush and floss normally
  • Allow users to eat without the limitations braces require
  • Do not use uncomfortable brackets and wires
  • Won’t affect your speech

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Dr. Sally Kashani, DDS offers Invisalign invisible clear braces for adults, children, kids & teenagers in Hollywood, CA & surrounding areas including Toluca Lake, Burbank, North Hollywood, Los Angeles & more. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation with our Hollywood dentist today.

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