Why You Need Retainers

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Why You Need Retainers

Once you’ve completed your Invisalign treatment, you need retainers to maintain that beautiful smile.

Here are the top three reasons why you need retainers, even after months of Invisalign treatment.

Why You Need Retainers

1) A retainer preserves the newly straightened placement of your teeth.

The fact is, your teeth aren’t set in stone. Your teeth are pliable, which is why orthodontic treatment can help move them into place.  As a result, it takes time for your teeth to stabilize into their new position. A retainer provides necessary support by holding your teeth in position during the stabilization process.

2) Your Bone & Gum Tissue Have Memory

Did you know that your teeth can “remember” where they used to be located?  If you leave them alone, they may try and return to their original position. One major goal of your retainer is to keep your new smile looking great, and prevent your teeth from reverting back to their crooked state.

3) There are different types of retainers available to choose from.

You aren’t tied to pink plastic and wire. There are options. You can also opt for a clear retainer that fits over your teeth, just like a continued Invisalign treatment. There is also the option for a thin wire that is permanently bonded to your teeth to keep them in place.

The reasons why you need a retainer are ultimately in the name itself- to retain the shape of your newly straightened teeth. You already invested so much time in getting to that beautiful smile, take that extra step to maintain it!

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