Patient Experience

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Patient Experience

When you walk in to Dr. Sally Kashani's dental office, the first thing you'll notice is that it doesn't look like any of the dental offices you're used to. While most waiting rooms have old couches and outdated magazines, at Dr. Kashani’s office you'll be treated to a full beverage bar with coffee, tea, juices, bottled water, and more. There are couches and magazines, but all our furniture is brand new and extremely comfortable, and our broad variety of reading material is always kept up-to-date.

If you don't feel like reading, you can enjoy our large flatscreen television. Feel free to watch whatever you'd like; we keep the remote on the table for your convenience. If you can't find anything interesting on our many available channels, help yourself to the computer where you can browse the web while you wait.

The building features modern and classy interiors, unlike those of most dental offices. This relaxing environment is a welcome change of surroundings to the typical sterile dentist room. Comfort and serenity spell out your experience at Dr. Kashani's dental office, even when you’re sitting in the dentist chair. Enjoy your choice of music while your teeth are cleaned and inspected, or watch TV or a movie on a fully adjustable monitor that can always be moved to your most comfortable position.

All of the dental equipment in Dr. Kashani's office utilizes the latest in technology. Need X-rays of your teeth? You won't even need to get up. Digital X-ray machines are in every room, allowing you to remain relaxed while your teeth are inspected. If you'd like a closer look at your own teeth, Dr. Kashani can bring up your X-rays on the monitor to help visually explain your dental condition. You can even see exactly where you have cavities and places where you might not be cleaning out properly.

Dr. Kashani's dental office is like nothing you've seen or experienced before. For unbeatable service from a friendly and helpful staff, state-of-the-art dental care, and a beautiful and relaxing environment, call Dr. Sally Kashani's office today and get the best dental experience you can imagine.

Our Office is Comfortable and Up To Date