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Destination Dentistry
with Dr. Sally Kashani, Hollywood’s Premier Dentist

Destination Dentistry - Hollywood| Dr. Sally Kashani

Dr. Sally Kashani is a top rated cosmetic dentist in Hollywood offering high-end concierge dentistry services throughout Hollywood and Los Angeles.

Concierge Dentistry in Hollywood

Dr. Sally has been featured on the Doctors show and has many patients who visit her office for concierge for extensive cosmetic dental treatments. We have patients travelling from different countries seeking our comfortable high quality office.

Dr. Sally Kashani is an interior designer of the mouth whose passion for cosmetic dentistry drives her to put a smile you’ve dreamt of. She is the leader in providing the highest quality Hollywood dental care in a safe, convenient and comfortable environment. Hollywood Dentistry is focused on delivering best quality dental care to you in a comfortable environment, enhancing your overall dental health, so you can fully enjoy your stay in Los Angeles.

  • Hollywood Veneers Before & After Photo
  • Hollywood Veneers Before & After Photo
  • Hollywood Veneers Before & After Photo

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facetime consultations

We are available for cosmetic consults via FaceTime!

High-end Dental Care That You Wouldn’t Receive in Other Countries

Good quality dental care depends on the quality of the facility and the training of the Doctor. At our office we use technologically advanced dental equipment in a state of the art medical facility that you wouldn’t get in other countries. Dr. Kashani is a well-trained cosmetic dentist with vast knowledge and experience in providing exceptional cosmetic dentistry, ensuring patients have a pleasant experience. We offer tailor-made dental care by listening to your needs, giving you a customized dental care experience with comfort, excellence and compassion.

24/7 Expert Advice and Logistic Support

We provide our patients with expert advice and 24-hour logistic service to guide you throughout your treatment as well as handling your logistic needs so you can feel comfortable and at ease.

Aftercare Support Wherever You Are

To provide you with aftercare of the detailed treatment given by Dr. Kashani, we connect you with a specialist in your country, only recommending trusted and well-trained dental specialists for you.

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Hollywood Dentist Full-service Dental Care

We offer full-service dental care in Hollywood- from porcelain veneers to other treatments such as teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants and more.

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