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Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The question many people often have in regards to wisdom teeth is “why do we have them removed?”. In short, wisdom teeth do not really serve much of a purpose because – as seen in many cases – they often do more harm than good.

Common issues experienced with wisdom teeth:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth (when the teeth are stuck in the jaw)
  • Harder to clean & therefore are more prone to decay
  • Cysts may form & damage the surrounding bone or roots
  • They may cause other teeth to shift forward, causing crowding (which would require orthodontics to correct)
  • May lead to infection, which would require immediate removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost in Hollywood

The cost of a wisdom tooth removal depends on a number of different factors that are all discussed & determined during your wisdom tooth removal consultation.

1. How many wisdom teeth are being removed.

Depending on your circumstances, Dr. Sally Kashani may offer you a reduced fee for having more than one wisdom tooth removed during the same procedure. In fact, many people often have all 4 wisdom teeth removed in the same operation.

2. If any impacted wisdom teeth are involved.

Impacted wisdom teeth take longer to remove because they are more difficult, as a result the cost for an impacted wisdom tooth will be higher than a non-impacted one.

3. Experience of dentist.

Dentists who are highly experienced have a much less chance of complications from arising. As a result, it is expected to pay slightly more for better quality to ensure this success.

FREE, No Obligation Wisdom Tooth Removal Consultation with Dr. Sally

A consultation with our wisdom tooth removal dentist, Dr. Sally Kashani, is a great way to find out everything you need to know to prepare for the procedure including pricing & cost information, which may only be determined from your consultation.

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