Dentistry for Children

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Dentistry for Children

Whether your child is twelve months old or twelve years old, it's important for them to see their dentist every six months. Studies and past experiences have continuously shown that early preventative care is the best way to protect your child's beautiful and healthy smile. The benefits of starting to care for your child's dental health at an early age can last a lifetime.

Parents often ask, "How early should I take my child to the dentist?" The answer is much earlier than most people expect. Between six and twelve months of age are when your child's first tooth starts to come in. This is around the time that you should take your child on his or her first visit to the dentist. If you're wondering how your child could possibly develop problems at such an early age, just think of how much he or she is exposed to milk, formula, and fruit juice. These liquids are important for a baby's health, but they can also take their toll on your child's oral health if they drink for long, frequent periods of time. By the time your child is two to three years old, there’s about a 40% chance he or she has at least mild inflammation in the gum tissues.

The benefits of starting your child's dentist visits early go beyond just prevention. They also instill the concept of oral hygiene early on, making it easier to get your child to brush and floss in later years. The strong and healthy teeth your child will develop by having their teeth examined and cleaned by a dentist will also help them chew their food more easily and learn to speak more clearly. Starting dentist appointments early means getting your child started on a lifetime of progressive dental habits.

Dr. Kashani and staff are great at communicating with kids and parents. She can also provide parents with useful information about children's dental care, including cleaning techniques and helpful tips for a proper diet. If it's time for your child to see the dentist, make an appointment with Dr. Kashani to get your child on the path to great oral health.

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