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Dental Bonding

Tooth colored fillings or "composites" are often used to restore cavities in order to provide an esthetic and long lasting result.

Cosmetic bondings are another option for anterior teeth to correct chips, cracks, and minor discolorations. They produce immediate results and are done in the same day office visit.

Bonding procedures use tooth colored restorative materials. They are color matched to the shade of your teeth so you they cannot be distinguished from your own tooth structure.

When composite fillings are used to fill cavities, they allow less tooth structure to be removed compared to traditional metal fillings. Pits and grooves can also be sealed to prevent future decay.

Before & After Images

  • Hollywood Dental Bonding Before & After Photo
  • Hollywood Dental Bonding Before & After Photo
  • Hollywood Dental Bonding Before & After Photo

Bonding Overview

Dental bondings are a restorative procedure that uses a special light to bond tooth-colored resin material to the teeth. The procedure is used for many different purposes, but all of them are done to ultimately restore or improve your smile or protect your tooth. Dental bonding can be used to:

  • Fill cavities and restore decayed teeth
  • Repair chips or cracks
  • Fix discoloration
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Change a tooth's shape
  • Protect the tooth root from exposure from a receding gum line

Bonding - The Procedure

Unlike porcelain veneers and crowns, bonding procedures can be completed in a single day. The dentist will simply need to select an accurate composite resin color that matches the shade of your tooth and then the procedure can begin. Part of the tooth is roughened to make a stronger bonding surface. The dentist will then apply, mold, and smooth the resin into the correct shape. With a laser or other special light, the dentist will quickly harden the material, permanently securing it to the tooth. After it has hardened, the dentist will continue to shape it by trimming parts of it and polishing it to match the rest of your teeth.

Bonding - Additional Information

Dental bonding is one of the easiest, least expensive, and fastest cosmetic procedures your dentist can perform on you. In most cases, it’s a short procedure. However, due to the fact that it isn’t as strong as other restorative procedures, many dentists recommend dental bonding for only small cosmetic changes or for areas with low bite pressure. As they can be delicate, bonding materials should be treated carefully. They are not as strong as your natural teeth, so they should not be used to bite or chew on hard food or objects. Because they can break if not taken care of properly, most people will need to have touch ups or replacements between three to ten years after their dental bonding procedure. Dental bonding are usually covered at least partially by your dental insurance.

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