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Starting from $3600 ($5000 value)

Invisalign is one the best advances that dentistry has to offer today! It changes a patient’s smile, bite and dental health very conservatively, safely and discretely.

Invisalign is a modern approach to orthodontic treatment allowing you to have clear braces that are custom created and molded for each patient. Orthodontists today recommend the easy-to-remove clear braces for those who do not need metallic braces or find them to be intrusive or unattractive. There are many benefits, which vary from enjoying food without hassle to quick results and reduced pain.

Its Clear, Comfortable and Removable!

Moving your teeth with Invisalign serves several purposes: to improve your smile, correct problems with your bite, and give you better access to cleaning crowded teeth. Therefore making your gums healthier.

Our Special Offer for Invisalign is Only for a Limited Time.

Schedule your appointment below and take the first step of the Invisalign deal to enhance your oral care and to beautify your smile. We can also explain the orthodontic treatment with you over a consultation on the phone at (818) 508–7272 if you would prefer. We are here to help you!