Teeth Whitening In Hollywood

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Teeth Whitening In Hollywood

Dr.Sally Kashani is one of the best experts in teeth whitening in Hollywood. She is responsible for the smiles and oral health of Hollywood’s most renowned TV & movie stars as well as top businesspeople. In addition, you will notice the results of the teeth whitening treatment after one session.

Will teeth whitening in Hollywood work for me?

In-office teeth whitening is ideal for those who have discolored teeth caused by aging, consumption of staining and dark-colored foods, and/or tobacco use. While yellowed teeth are known to whiten more easily than other colors, browns, greens, or grey colors will also be whitened by our in-office procedures. Teeth that have developmental staining from a young age, may be harder to whiten, but improvements can be seen.

As you may know whitening may cause some sensitivity on teeth, and every person is different. Our system “BOOST” is gentle yet effective, especially because we don’t use the dehydrating light and laser that other systems use. If you do experience sensitivity, or know that you will, we provide a variety of products that help relieve any discomfort.

How long do teeth whitening results last?

The effects of teeth whitening are never permanent. Over time, stains will build up again and discolor your teeth. To slow this process, avoid consuming sodas, tea, coffee, and tobacco. You will also have the option to take home a convenient whitening kit that we can provide for you. It includes custom trays that will fit perfectly over your teeth and allow the whitening peroxide gel to make full contact with your teeth. You also have the option of non custom strips/trays. It’s a perfect way to maintain your bright smile after our in-office treatment.

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