Dr. Sally’s Guide to White Smiles!

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Dr. Sally’s Guide to White Smiles!

dr sally teeth whitening guideOur society has put a large amount of importance on having a nice, white smile. Unfortunately, many are ashamed or embarrassed of their stained teeth. A white smile boosts our esteem in ways that simply cannot be explained unless we experience it first hand. Inevitably, two questions arise: how do you obtain a white smile? And then how do you maintain a white smile?

Anyone Can Whiten Their Smile

That’s right, no matter who you are or how badly stained your teeth are – anyone can whiten their smile by at least a few shades. It all depends on the method of course!

Popular methods include store bought products. These range from whitening trays, whitening strips, toothpastes, paint-on whiteners, whitening rinses, and even alternative holistic methods of whitening teeth.

These methods work great for those who have the patience that is required in order to see results. Far too often, people lose faith when they fail to see a noticeable difference within a few days of treatment. Of course, some methods prove more helpful than others – part of your journey involves trying different methods.

It’s All About Peroxide

The magical ingredient in any tooth-whitening product is peroxide. It’s a bleaching agent that turns into hydrogen peroxide when it is used inside your mouth. This is the chemical that is responsible for breaking down the stains on your teeth.

Products have different levels of peroxide. This is important, but what’s even more important is finding out which method is able to keep the peroxide on your teeth for as long as possible.

For example, toothpastes contain whitening ingredients but how long are you brushing your teeth for? About 1 minute and then swishing out your mouth with a type of rinse or water? This does not give the active ingredients enough time to do what they intend to do – whiten your teeth!

What Role Does a Dentist Play in Whitening My Teeth

Dentists are able to get their hands on some of the strongest peroxide products out on the market. The reason these are not offered to the public is because they require a trained professional to use – aka your dentist! ☺

Opalescence boost is one of the best whitening treatments offered because simply put – it works! It doesn’t require much time in the office and uses safe, tested ingredients – and contains a high level of peroxide. It’s also doesn’t require a light which can often dehydrate your teeth. It’s Dr. Sally’s favorite choice.

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It will require some effort on your part however. The best results come from a combination of the in-office experience and at-home whitening trays. The difference in the trays is that you will have one that is customized for your mouth. No need to stress because Dr. Sally is right with you the whole way through.

The exciting part is that some people are able to notice a difference after their first trip! It’s certainly possible. But there’s no set guarantee on how long it will take to whiten your teeth as well as no guarantee on how many shades whiter your teeth will be. Everyone’s mouth will react differently.

Maintaining Your White Smile

When you wake up every morning and look in the mirror to observe your teeth you’ll begin to feel happier, trust me. You’ll also probably be searching for ways to maintain these results.

All whitening methods lose their shine over time – it’s an unfortunate fact of life. We have habits that stain our teeth. But it doesn’t have to be that way! The 1st step in anything dental related is whether or not you are brushing and flossing every day. So, are you?

Next, take a step back and examine some of the popular foods you eat or drinks you are consuming. Darker foods and drinks have a greater chance of staining our teeth. The best thing you can do is to avoid these products. Yes, it can be hard for many but if you value your white teeth then it’s certainly a great choice.

And of course, visiting your dentist for a professional cleaning is an absolute must to clean out areas that are often untouched through normal everyday cleaning. Many people also opt to revive their white teeth by undergoing another in-office teeth whitening by a dentist when the time calls.

Don’t Give Up!

For some the journey is a long road ahead, but it begins with the first step. Your Hollywood dentist is a great way to begin this exciting journey of whitening your teeth!

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