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Red Wine’s Cavity Fighting Benefits

red wine cavity fighting benefitsCan red wine be good for your teeth?
Next time you sit down for a glass of wine and begin to feel guilty – we’ve got some exciting news for you: there’s even more benefits to red wine than you had initially expected! A newer study has confirmed that red wine also possesses cavity-fighting properties.

The Study

A group of researchers used four test samples: red wine, red wine without the alcohol, red wine spiked with grape seed extract, and water with 12% ethanol. From the test, all but the water with 12% ethanol showed a significant effect on slowing bacterial growth, in fact killing it off.

The only difference between the four? Three of the test samples contained red wine. The water with 12% ethanol did not have red wine present and also did not show as significant an effect. The results led researchers to believe that red wine does in fact show potential in fighting off cavities.

So I Should Keep Drinking?

Based on this news, a small glass of red wine a day could help with cavities, as it has also shown to have some heart protective qualities.

Before you decide to pour yourself a huge glass of red wine, keep in mind that red wine is indeed one of the worst culprits of stained teeth. And that alcohol can wreck havoc on your system in excess – especially lowering your immune system.

Expert Tip: The magical powers of in-office teeth whitening are a great way to correct the damage that has been caused by red wine!

What the study really means…

The findings open the doors for scientists and other researchers to begin isolating the cavity-fighting benefits of red wine and applying it to more useful options such as toothpaste – provided it doesn’t also stain the teeth! For now, your best bet is to stick with a glass a day and enjoy!

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