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Health Benefits & Facts About Your Smile! :)

hollywood cosmetic dentistIt is natural to smile in response to a funny or positive situation. A beautiful and genuine smile is not only infectious, but also extremely rewarding as it can improve your health and open doors in your social and professional life, according to Hollywood cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sally Kashani. Here are some reasons to smile more often! 🙂

Fact #1: Smiling relieves stress.

Studies show that smiling affects certain muscles that create a sense of joy or happiness. When you are happy or in a good mood and smile, the pertinent muscles are hit, causing the brain to release more happy or mood-changing signals (endorphins). The simple act of smiling, even when there is no apparent reason for you to do so, can also make you feel happier.

Fact #2: Smiling reduces conflict.

Complimenting a person with a genuine smile can help turn around a bad day. A genuine smile can help diffuse tense situations and put those concerned at ease.

Fact #3: Smiling is an innate ability for babies.

Although some people believe that babies mimic their surroundings, including smiling and laughter, studies argue that human beings are born with the ability to smile, since even blind babies can smile and laugh.

Fact #4: Smiling makes a woman more attractive.

According to different studies, men find women who are not wearing any make-up but have a good smile to be more attractive than stone-faced women with perfect make-up. Perhaps the male audience is more attracted to smiling women in the audience than runway models?

Fact #5: Smiles makes you appear more confident.

Smiling is good for both your professional and social life. In the social scene, smiling and happiness is translated in your voice and makes you sound joyful and more engaging, which draws more people to you. In the professional scene, it makes you seem more confident and successful, increasing your likelihood of getting a promotion.

Fact #6: Smiling boosts your immune system.

Big and genuine smiles where your squint your eyes are claimed to decrease the amount of cortisol produces in your body, which in turn boosts your immune system. Since your physical health is tied to your emotional health, those who smile more are claimed to live about 7 years longer than those who frown a lot.

Moral of the Story: Smile More Frequently! 🙂

Studies show that smiling creates a “feedback loop”: your brain tells you to smile in response to a pleasant situation, but a smile can also tell the brain that you are in a positive situation. So, smiling cultivates good feelings all around!


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