What to Expect with Sedation Dentistry in Hollywood CA

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What to Expect with Sedation Dentistry in Hollywood CA

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Are you hesitant to visit your dentist for regular exams or other procedures?  You are not alone.  Feeling anxious about having any type of dental work is common for patients.  This fact is why Dr. Sally offers sedation dentistry to help ease her patients’ fears and provide a relaxed dental experience.

How Sedation Dentistry Works

Sedation dentistry is a way to have your teeth worked on so that you are relaxed and remain awake during the procedure. The sedative is a little pill taken orally or under the tongue before the procedure. The sedative medication slows the action of the central nervous system, which helps you relax. While you maintain awareness of your surroundings, you’ll simply be less responsive to external stimulation, including pain. Since it is mild sedation, you are always safe. If you are looking for deeper sedation there is IV sedation available as well.

Patient safety and clinical quality are not sacrificed for sedation dentistry. While the power of sedatives ranges from mild relaxation on one end to total unconsciousness at the other, the goal is to maintain a mild level of sedation, to where you are comfortable. A moderate sedative will allow you to stay alert and be able to speak and answer questions but will make you feel completely relaxed and experience less pain.  Overall, you will have the ability to improve your oral health in a relaxed anxiety-free environment which helps you feel more comfortable for future visits.

To learn more about how sedation dentistry can help you have a positive dental experience, please contact your dentist in Hollywood CA to schedule an appointment.

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