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Biomimetic Dentist Toluca Lake


The goal of biomimetic dentistry is to restore damaged, broken, and decayed teeth. Biomimetic dentistry strives to return the tooth to its original strength, function, and appearance. Patients with strong tooth structure are less likely to need crowns, root canals and extractions.

Preserving tooth structure should be the primary goal because the human tooth is designed by nature to withstand the pressure of daily activity. Molars have ridges and sluice-ways that are specifically designed for chewing, while front teeth are reinforced to bite and cut into food.

Unfortunately, some dentists will over prepare teeth for crowns and other procedures by removing more of the natural tooth than they need to. While creating beautiful crowns is desirable, preserving tooth structure is even more important.

A biomimetic dentist such as Dr. Sally Kashani focuses on preserving your natural tooth structure. An example is the use of an immediate dentin sealing (IDS). One of the most important parts of tooth preparation is an IDS, which is when the dentist applies a bonding agent to the freshly cut dentin (part of the tooth) during preparation for restorations such as inlays, onlays and crowns.

Dr. Sally Kashani is your best dentist if you want to receive dental treatments that prioritize the preservation of your natural teeth.

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