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Best Biomimetic Dentist Hollywood

Looking for the best biomimetic dentist in Hollywood? Dr.Sally Kashani is here for you. Biomimetic Dentistry focuses on tooth preservation by treating fractured and decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong and safe.

Benefits Of Biomimetic Dentistry

Teeth restored with biomimetic dentistry methods are less likely to need crowns, endodontic therapy, and potential extraction. Biomimetic methods, and the concepts behind them, help the dentist to learn proper caries detection and removal, as well as more conservative restoration of tooth structure that reflects the design of the natural tooth.

The human tooth is designed by nature to withstand the pressure of daily activity. Molars have ridges and sluice-ways that are specifically designed for chewing, while front teeth are reinforced to bite and cut into food. With this in mind, when a dentist over prepares teeth for crowns and other procedures by removing more of the natural tooth than they need to, the natural integrity of your tooth structure can become compromised. While creating beautiful crowns is desirable, preserving tooth structure is even more important.

Leaving a strong tooth structure means a long-lasting restoration, especially on premolars and anterior teeth that are narrower than molars. Even the best restorations may need to be replaced someday, and that can only be done if the tooth structure is preserved; saving tooth structure begins at preparation. This is why Biomimetic dentistry treatments are often easier for patients to tolerate, creating a more pleasant experience for patients and doctors alike.

Principals The Best Biomimetic Dentists in Hollywood Abide By

  • Conservation of more dental pulps
  • Repairs or elimination of cracks
  • Removal of pathology
  • Saving maximum amounts of tooth structure
  • Strengthening of tooth structure
  • Delaying the re-treatment cycle

If you’ve got a problem with your teeth and/or gums, that problem will not likely go away by itself, please call our office at (818) 508–7272 and make an appointment today. The earlier the problem is treated, the more of your teeth can be preserved! We are happy to answer all your questions.

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