Benefits Of Dental Implants

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Benefits Of Dental Implants

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are tooth-like structures placed into your jaw bone to replicate missing roots, and crowns are placed on top to mimic the missing tooth. They are a long term option that can last a lifetime with good oral hygiene. This procedure can often be accomplished in one to two simple surgical procedures.

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

Dental implants have many benefits over other solutions to TOOTH LOSS, including:

  • Aesthetics – Dental implants look just like your natural teeth. In fact, many consider them to be the most realistic tooth replacements available.
  • Improved Speech – Unlike poorly fitted dentures, implants never slip and cause you to mumble or slur when you speak. Dental implants allow for speech to be as clear and easy as it is with real teeth.
  • Comfort – Dental implants become a permanent part of your body. They feel just like a real tooth and share none of the discomfort felt in removable dentures.
  • Easy Eating – Chewing can be a chore with dentures that slide off your teeth. Dental implants allow you to eat without worry of discomfort or pain.
  • Self-Esteem – Your smile will look natural and help you to feel comfortable to show your new teeth in public.
  • Oral Health – Bridges require patients to have their nearby teeth physically reduced in order to support them. Implants let you keep all of your natural healthy teeth, improving your long-term health. Also, individual implants are easier to clean around, which improves oral hygiene.
  • Durability – Implants will last many years. If they are taken care of properly, they can even last a lifetime.
  • Convenience – You’ll never have to remove your implants to clean them, like dentures. Plus, you won’t have to deal with messy adhesives that are used to keep removable dentures in place.

Why Choose Dr. Sally for Dental Implants in Hollywood? Dr. Sally values quality over quantity, which is why she has selected to use the highest quality dental implants currently offered on the market. The implants are carefully designed and engineered by Nobel Biocare®, the market leader in restorative components for dentistry.

  • She uses one of the highest quality dental implants currently offered on the market.
  • She is highly reviewed on review sites such as Yelp!
  • The procedure and placement is performed with the latest digital technology.
  • She is very easy to speak with, listening to patient’s concerns and wishes.
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