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Attractive Smiles – The Social Impact Our Teeth Have

attractive smile first impressions matter

A smile goes a long way!

The rise of social media as a tool to quickly share multimedia files such as videos and photos, have made our appearance more important than ever. Many people love to share photos with their friends on popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. An attractive appearance is something deeply rooted in human nature. It’s not just social media either, but social media has made it increasingly important to wear an attractive smile with straightened, white teeth.

Studies have been performed on this subject and the results have always been the same: your smile and first impressions matter. An attractive smile contains enough power to cause favorable impressions among those around you. Not to mention that smiling in general creates an environment filled with positive vibes and makes you feel better!

Smiles Are Contagious!

Have you ever smiled and then noticed that someone smiled back? This is something many of us do either as a nice gesture or perhaps it lies deeper than that. If you have an attractive smile and know it then you will be smiling more often and, in turn, will be receiving more smiles back. Little do you know, you probably just made that person’s day! All it took was a smile.

It’s bizarre since our teeth are just one relatively small aspect of our whole body – yet it bares much weight in terms of social impact. It may even come down to landing a second date or not!

You may be wondering: what exactly is an attractive smile? This is a broad term that can mean a number of different things, but from a dentist’s point of view it means:

• Minimized to no tooth discoloration.

• Straight teeth that does not involve any spacing or crowding issues.

• No gaps or missing teeth.

• No chips, fractures, or broken teeth.

• Healthy, pink appearance of gums.

• Showing a minimal amount of gum when you smile

Most likely we are suffering from at least one of these dental problems. However, technology has made it possible for dentistry to correct all of these issues – with minimal pain felt in the process!

Many dentists refer to these procedures as a Smile Makeover. Smile makeovers include a thorough list of the procedures that may be necessary in order to greatly enhance a smile – with the goal of making it appear attractive! Along the way the health of your mouth improves as well.

Improve Your Smile With Dr. Sally Kashani

If you’re smiling, then Dr. Sally Kashani is smiling. Learn more about a smile makeover and the different procedures that are offered at my full-service dental practice in Hollywood.

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