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Conservative Dentistry

conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry is a type of dentistry that seeks to save as much or all the original teeth in your mouth. If possible, you always want to keep the original structure.

Conservative dentistry begins with YOU being in charge of your dental health. This means regular visits to the dentist to prevent and catch problems. Three to six-month appointments allow dentists to examine your teeth and gums regularly.

If a dentist can diagnose a dental problem while it’s still small, then the dentist can do the least amount of dentistry to solve the problem, recover the functions of the tooth and keep as much of the natural tooth structure as possible.

Let’s start with an example that is common in most people: A large old amalgam/silver filling. So let’s say you have a large old filling from 10-30 years ago. Because silver fillings have a mechanical retention to the tooth and don’t bond chemically, they can often cause fracture lines in your tooth structure. Here is how a few scenarios would go:

Dentists can catch a small fracture line early on before the tooth fractures.
-If it’s small, restore it with a porcelain inlay. This is a small piece that’s stronger and longer lasting than a white filling.
-If it’s larger, a dentist will restore it with an ONLAY. Onlays preserve your tooth structure and along with biomimetic bonding methods, make it as if your tooth were the same as before!

You haven’t seen your dentist in a long time or chose not to fix the problem. You bite on a nut and the tooth with the large silver filling fractures. This happens a lot in patients!
– It may fracture it to the nerve and need a root canal and full crown. We can still use conservative density to place a crown or cap on it after but you lose the vitality of your tooth.
– It may not be savable due to a deep fracture and need to be PULLED! Then we would consider implants or bridges. This scenario is no longer conservative and very expensive.

So you see the importance of addressing small problems early on. Our goal is to help you retain more of your smile without recommending unnecessary and expensive dental procedures. When we practice conservative dental treatments, you benefit from a stronger, healthier smile.

Call our office at (818) 508–7272 to learn more about conservative dentistry and what it can do for you! We’ll be happy to answer your questions and set up an appointment with one of our dentists.

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Top-Rated Cosmetic Dentistry in Hollywood CA

cosmetic dentistry







For many, having a smile they can be proud of is an essential part of daily life.  Cosmetic dentistry provides patients with opportunities to maintain their confident smiles for a lifetime.  Visiting a top-rated cosmetic dentist in Hollywood will not only ensure patients achieve a smile that builds confidence but also enhances their oral health.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Options

Depending on your dental needs, your cosmetic dentistry specialist will recommend the best treatment option for you.  Treatment options include:


Dr. Sally is an experienced cosmetic dentist in Hollywood who has been featured on CBS The Doctors for her skills, knowledge & expertise in the field of cosmetic dentistry.  A consultation with Dr. Sally, even if you opt not to receive services, will give you a much better idea of what improvements could be made to significantly enhance your smile.

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3 Reasons to Visit Your Dentist for Dental Exams and Cleanings | Hollywood CA

dental exams

Routine dental exams and cleanings not only provide greater oral health but also improve patients overall longterm health.  Dr. Kashani offers comprehensive dental exams and cleanings to provide patients with compassionate and professional dental care in Hollywood, CA.

Why Visit a Dentist for a Dental Checkup?

The Finishing Touch
Dentists are able to clean away plaque buildup and hardened tartar (calculus) that is unable to be properly removed at home. Dentists and hygienists use special instruments to remove the build-up. It’s best to let a professional handle the situation in removing this nasty buildup that is responsible for a host of problems including gum disease and tooth decay.

Behind The Scenes
Dental visits provide the dentist an opportunity to fully examine your mouth and review your current routine – giving tips, tricks or recommendations that you may be able to benefit from. Dental examinations combined with x-rays allow Dr. Kashani to view the deeper parts of your teeth and gums for early detection and an overall better prognosis if any abnormalities are found.

Maintain Your Beautiful Smile
This relates to excellent oral hygiene, but regular dental cleanings and exams keep your smile healthy by promoting an environment that is free from diseases (i.e. periodontal disease). Dr. Kashani would be happy to discuss any personal needs regarding your mouth during regular dental cleaning. We offer teeth whitening services that are sure to make your smile a few shades whiter.

Contact Dr. Sally’s Hollywood dentist office at (818) 508–7272 if you have any questions regarding the general dentistry procedures we offer. We would be happy to answer your questions and concerns!

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Best Tooth Preservation Dentist in Hollywood CA

lesly-juarez-220845-unsplashMany patients desire to preserve the healthy portion of their damaged or broken tooth.  Our dentist in Hollywood, CA understands the importance of preserving the strong tooth to help patients improve their oral health. With biomimetic dentistry, Dr. Kashani focuses on tooth preservation by treating fractured and decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong and safe.

Advantages of Visiting a Biomimetic Dentist in Hollywood, CA

The goal of biomimetic dentistry is to restore damaged, broken, and decayed teeth. Biomimetic dentistry strives to return the tooth to its original strength, function, and appearance. Patients with strong tooth structure are less likely to need crowns, root canals, and extractions.  Preserving tooth structure should be the primary goal because the human tooth is designed by nature to withstand the pressure of daily activity. Molars have ridges and sluice-ways that are specifically designed for chewing, while front teeth are reinforced to bite and cut into food.  By preserving the natural tooth, patients can continue with their daily life worry-free.

To schedule your biomimetic dentist appointment in Hollywood, CA, call (818) 508–7272.

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Importance of Healthy Gums | Hollywood CA


Your gums and the bone surrounding your teeth (periodontium) are the structural foundation for your teeth. The optimal health of your periodontium is a critical factor in long term oral health. At our office, we focus on the health of your gums and give you all the knowledge and instruction available for you to fully care for your oral health in Hollywood, CA.  Dr. Sally understands the importance of healthy gums for your overall well-being.  If you have periodontal (gum) disease, she will help you navigate your options to best restore your healthy gums.  To learn more about how Dr. Sally can help you have healthy gums for a lifetime, contact our Hollywood office at (818) 508–7272.

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Best Porcelain Veneers | Hollywood CA

brooke-cagle-52215-unsplashImproving your smile can be as simple as covering the unwanted appearance of certain teeth. Porcelain veneers are a great option for teeth with permanent stains and discolorations. They can also be used for the correction of minor gaps, chips, spacing, and cracks in front teeth. They are very aesthetically pleasing and can transform your smile dramatically. Once placed, they are very strong and durable.

Schedule Your Porcelain Veneers Consultation

With Dr. Sally’s compassionate and knowledgable care patients can achieve the Hollywood smile of their dreams.  Learn how Dr. Sally can help you improve your smile by scheduling a veneers consultation at (818) 508–7272.

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Dental Impants in Hollywood, CA

It is common for patients to shy away from activities becausemike-baker-1317229-unsplash of a broken or missing tooth; however, they don’t have to continue to miss out.  Restoring a patient’s smile with dental implants in Hollywood is simple with Dr. Sally.  Hollywood’s premiere dentist provides patients with the highest quality dental implants engineered by Nobel Biocare, the leader in restorative dentistry components.

A dental implant is often the best option for patients because it replaces the entire damaged tooth. Also, replacing the tooth preserves the healthy teeth from infection.  Patients often find that the implant looks and feels like their natural tooth which restores not only their smile but also their confidence.

With greater confidence, patients can get back to enjoying life.  If you desire to regain your Hollywood smile, schedule a free dental implant consultation at (818) 508–7272.


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Premiere Sedation Dentistry

Anxiety about dental procedures often causes patients to hesitate to schedule routine dental exams or neglect their oral health. Dr. Sally understands the real fear many patients feel associated with the dentist and offers sedation dentistry options to help patients feel more at ease during visits. Through oral conscious sedation in Hollywood, CA, patients can comfortably relax during their dental procedure with minimal to no anxiety.

Sedation Dentistry Consultation

If oral conscious sedation with Hollywood’s premier dentist sounds right for you, please contact our Hollywood office to schedule a free consultation at (818) 508–7272. Dr. Sally desires for all patients to feel comfortable during visits to maintain their oral health.

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Hollywood Smile Makeover with Invisalign

Dr. Sally april blog 1Obtaining your best Hollywood smile is easier than ever before with Invisalign!

Invisalign aligners allow you to continue your lifestyle with minimal interruption and transform your smile faster than traditional braces.  The virtually clear aligners are easily removed and are comfortable to wear throughout the day.  Dr. Sally’s gentle and exceptional orthodontic treatment makes the process a pleasant and satisfying experience.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can transform your smile, schedule your free consultation by contacting our dental office in Hollywood, CA at 818.518.7272.

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Free Oral Cancer Screening by Dr. Sally Kashani in April

Dr.  Sally shares the importance of regular oral cancer screenings and raising awareness about the seriousness of the disease.  With the use of advanced screening, it is easier than ever before to detect signs of oral cancer.  As Dr. Sally said, “Early detection saves lives.”  If you would like to schedule a complimentary oral cancer screening, please contact

our office at 818.508.7272.

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