How to Get Rid of White Spots on Teeth (MI Paste)

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How to Get Rid of White Spots on Teeth (MI Paste)

how to get rid of white spots on teethWhite spots on teeth, otherwise known as enamel hypoplasia, can be a distracting feature in a person’s smile! They “typically appear on your teeth as milky-colored white discoloration, but can also appear as yellow or brown as well”, says Hollywood dentist, Dr. Sally Kashani. Normal enamel is lustrous and reflects light. White or yellowish brown spots can usually be noticed on the front teeth.

What Causes This Strange Phenomenon?

White spots have a few different causes. For children, white spots can be caused during the development of their new teeth.

White spots on teeth can be the result of:
1. Mild fluorosis (ingesting too much fluoride while the teeth are developing)
2. Trauma or changes in temperature developing teeth from fever, infection, premature birth etc.
3. Poor hygiene during braces can result in white spots around brackets.
4. In some cases, white spots are unable to be pinpointed to a specific cause.

White spots may be inactive or active. Inactive white spots are normally harmless, whereas active white spots are softer and need treated by your dentist aside from aesthetic reasons. White spots may also serve as a precursor to the development of a cavity or other type of decay. When plaque builds up or other harmful bacteria arise, then decay may ensure.

How Can White Spots Be Treated?

Treatment for white spots can be attempted in various ways. If your white spots do not seem to be showing any signs of decay, then procedures such as enamel micro-abrasion, and regeneration of the subsurface can be beneficial. Bleaching or teeth whitening techniques may dehydrate the spots and make them appear WHITER.

An effective solution, known as MI Paste™/MI Paste Plus™ has shown potential in treating white spots.

What is MI Paste™?
MI Paste™ is an enamel topical cream that consists of natural molecules of calcium and phosphate, and is designed to restore the healthy luster your teeth. It aims to enhance the natural appearance of your teeth, eliminate and smooth out any white spots, strengthen tooth enamel, and protect against cavities. MI Paste™ is a highly convenient solution. Following an in-office evaluation, the procedure takes place after a normal routine of morning/evening brushing and flossing. Only the paste and your fingers are required for application. The solution is left on the teeth for about 3-5 minutes before rinsed off. This process is repeated as needed.

On the other hand, if your white spots are active and point to possible decay, then you will need to undergo cosmetic procedures such as a white cavity filling, porcelain veneer, or porcelain crown, depending on how severe your decay is.

MI Paste™ can also be alternated with whitening procedures to whiten teeth while at the same time diminishing white spots. It can be placed in take home bleaching trays.

Dr. Sally Offers Treatment Options at Her Hollywood Dental Practice!

Get your smile back to the shining light it once was. Inactive white spots can be treated effectively, but active white spots need more attention. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with your Hollywood dentist to see what your white spots say and which treatment option would be most effective for you.

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